Entering Scout Life – A Right of Passage

In an age of technology and social media, it's hard for teens to connect with the past. But we try to encourage the Gen Z delinquents of today to kick it old school once in a while. Olivia Barber shares her thoughts and her experiences on entering the Scout Life. 
Where did the inspiration start? - Entering Scout Life - A Right of Passage

Where did the inspiration start?

If you didn't suffer a little bit as a kid, did you even have a childhood?! Some of my earliest memories are in the backseat of our 1978 Scout Traveler Midas edition. Deficient A/C, no phones, no DVD players, bad speakers ... these are the moments I hated at the time, but cherish now.

This summer is when I really started to get into the Scout lifestyle. I have been working and spending most of my time at the Anything Scout shop for the majority of my life. I started by chucking sticks around in the shop backyard, and then graduated to working in the distribution department as an actual job.

Learning to drive a stick - Entering Scout Life - A Right of Passage

Learning to Drive a Stick

This was the hard part, I have to admit. But, I strongly encourage all 17 year olds to get out there and have your dad freak out at you while you try to learn hand/foot coordination! It builds character ... trust me!

Disconnection from my Generation - Entering Scout Life - A Right of Passage

Disconnection from my Generation

I probably know only six people my age that can drive a manual. It's easier to choose the convenience of an automatic, but there is something honorable about learning a lost art for my generation. Not only am I able to drive any car, but nobody can steal mine! The best anti-theft device! 

End of Summer in Sight - Entering Scout Life - A Right of Passage

End of Summer in sight

Not many young women like me have had the pleasure of growing up in an auto restoration shop. I challenge you to encourage the young people in your life to shut off Fortnite or Youtube for a bit, and connect with the past! My favorite part of this summer is being in a 1967 V-8 (266) 4 spd Scout 800 and experiencing life as it was!

It is such a cool thing to be able to just be alone with your thoughts. When you have no aux cord, you are free of distraction and it gives you a time of reflection. I find myself smiling while driving because it's actually fun! Driving is less about transportation and more about experiencing life. I love the feeling of competency! Nothing is better for a young kid. C'mon Generation Z, we got this!! 

Thanks for reading! If you want more, please stay tuned.
- Olivia B.