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LS - Radiator Kit

Now, I know what your thinking. Why spend so much when I could go buy a generic Chinese alumi-sketch radiator for a couple hundo on some autos website and be done with it.

These radiators are 100% made in the USA by folks like you and me, for folks like you and me. Custom built by Wizard Cooling and designed to our specifications for the exact purpose of Scout to LS, including transmission line cooling ports. All of this ensures a perfect fit and look. The little stuff (hoses, fittings, cap..) starts to add up quick, but this kit lets you check "-Cooling" off your scout to-do list in one swoop. 

Make sure to use premix antifreeze to prevent corrosion from electrolysis! 


  • custom designed aluminum radiator
  • brass drain valve
  • radiator cap
  • stainless steel overflow reservoir w/ mounting brackets
  • flex upper and molded lower hoses
  • steam port and overflow hoses
  • steam port and overflow radiator fittings
  • instruction sheet

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