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LS - Motor Mounts

Scout 800 Mounts are out of stock.

Don't settle for some JV universal motor mounts you found in a magazine at the dentists office.  We have designed Scout specific mounts that take all the guess and double guess work out of a GM engine swap.

For the Scout II, simply slide the C-channel over the frame and push them up against your factory bump stop tabs. Done. No need for jigs or even an engine test fit.

For Scout 800's, original 4 cyl. trucks will have to relocate radiator bulkhead for an LS engine to fit.

These use a GM style absorber, instead of a stiff bushing for dampening, that is matched to our transmission mount stiffness. They also provide enough clearance for our stainless steel headers.



  • 2x frame and engine mounts w/ bolt kit
  • 2x gm style absorber
  • 1x digital instructions

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