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Premium Tire Patch Kit Powertank

Patch your tires when you are out wheeling and run over a savage sharp limb or stump. Hey it happens. These kits are a must have for your wheeling tool box. JP Magazine says, " of the nicest and most complete repair kits we've come across".  


  • aluminum handle tools for lightweight and strength, needle and reamer are guaranteed never to bend or break.
  • 30x self-vulcanizing black plugs
  • 2x large patches in case of a thread cut that won't hold plugs
  • 24" of stainless steel wire in case you have to sew a major side wall cut, and a jar of lube to make the job easier
  • 2x knives to cut the plug ends
  • 4-in-1 valve core tool, and allens for the tools.
  • high impact storage box. 

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