Anything Scout Anything Scout

"The power with an LS swap is unbelievable. The 345 T18 D20 weighed about 1050 lbs. The 5.3 4l60e 241c weighs somewhere in the 625 lb range, running approximately 200 hp over the stock IH setup. The difference with modern technology is obvious as soon as you start the Scout. It starts every time being the first difference…no temperamental carb/distributor issues. Shifting and acceleration is smooth and quick. Very quick. I find myself at 50-60 mph so fast I have to let off the gas. Lights and gauges that work also. It looks like I’m getting 19-21 mpg to boot."

"Anything Scout kits are well thought out, easy enough to install for a shade tree mechanic with decent wrench and fabrication skills, and importantly, they work."


"The hardest part of the swap is the wiring. Plan ahead!! Pencil out your work plan, read the instructions, mock up the work, do the install. Take your time and do it right, mistakes cost money, time and might ruin the project."

"Was it worth it? Erica says we could have a bought a new car for what I spent overall ($22,000 range) which is true. But nobody has a Scout like this around here.  The LS1 swap is absolutely worth the investment."