Anything Scout Anything Scout

Options - 

  • GM - NP241c - $
  • Novak and Advanced Adapter make adapter plates to run a Jeep Dana 300 - $$
  • Atlas Transfer Case - $$$


NP241c -

  • Most of these cases were drivers side drop so make sure you get a passenger side drop NP241c
  • To run with a GM automatic transmission you will also need the transfer case to have a VSS plug. These are found in 1990-1991 Chevy Suburbans or K5 trucks
  • If you are running a manual or different transmission without VSS you can find them from 1988-1991. 
  • If you are running more than 4 inches of lift we recommend installing a Slip Yoke Eliminator Kit (SYE) on your transfer case to reduce the severity of the rear drive shaft angle. 
  • The 4l60 needs a 27 spline output shaft. To avoid actually counting the splines the easiest way to identify this is looking on the end of the output shaft on the transfer case should have a long taper as shown below.

27 Spline shaft NP241c


  • The 4l80 and 6l80 need a 32 spline output shaft. Again, to avoid actually having to count the splines, the easiest way to identify this is the end of the output shaft has a very short taper as shown below