We build to preserve the vintage charm and ruggedness that made these Scout’s
iconic and infuse enough technology and innovation to make them reliable,
efficient, and easy to service and care for!

Our full restorations get a complete frame off tear down treatment. All rust repair and sheet metal work is completed to factory specs with a few additional rust prevention modifications we've learned as these trucks age. They then get built back up with protective coatings, top quality parts, and the kind of care and knowledge that only years of experience can buy!

We build trucks to drive. Getting the right mix of power, suspension, braking and steering is an art that takes time. We spend countless hours on the aesthetics and form of these trucks, but at the end of the day if the function isn't right your not going to want to drive it.


Base price:

  • Approved truck provided by customer: Project well appointed at $85k
  • Approved truck provided by Anything Scout: Project well appointed at $85k + $10k for approved truck

Our base restoration includes:

  • Full frame-off body rust repair (typically includes: new quarters, front fender patches, front floors, cab mount and wedge, outer rocker panels, doglegs braces and rear floor patches)
  • Urethane bed coating on underside and inside of body
  • Powder coated frame (matte black)
  • New vintage interior: Vinyl, Plaid, or Waxed canvas 
  • 4-point roll bar with 3-point retractable seatbelts (front and rear)
  • Stock chrome or Workman bumpers 
  • Tuffy center console 
  • Full carpet kit with sound / heat deadening (Scout II only)
  • New Bluetooth stereo and speakers
  • New stainless brake hard lines and soft lines
  • Axles refreshed
  • Rebuilt steering systems 
  • Rebuilt brakes 
  • New suspension 
  • New tires with restored/new wheels
  • Full re-wire with modern harness 
  • A/C and cruise-control 
  • LS Drivetrain Swap
    • Brand new Turn-Key GM LS 5.3l
    • Rebuilt 4L65 transmission
    • Refreshed NP241c transfer case with SYE 
    • New Tom Woods driveshafts
    • New engine wiring harness and computer
    • New aluminum LS designed radiator and hoses
    • New heater hoses and control valve
    • New fuel lines, pump and filters
    • 30 gallon fuel tank upgrade 
    • Integrated factory automatic shifter (Scout II) or Lokar shift (80/800) with upgraded indicator (PRND321)
    • Integrated transfer case shifter
    • Integrated factory gauges and sensors with OBDII port
  • Leather interior 
  • Sound system: Subwoofer, Amp
  • 6-point roll cage 
  • Combo sliders
  • Roof rack: Workman, Front Runner
  • LED headlights 
  • Round dash gauges 
  • Limited-slip differential 
  • Exterior decals

How long does a build take?

  • Build times can vary, but typically range 12-14 months.

    Includes 1 year warranty on parts and labor. Any warranty work must be approved by Anything Scout and will not exceed the cost of original parts and labor.

    We do not build partial trucks. By only building complete trucks this allows us to build to the best of our craft and not be forced to cut corners.




    Restoration Project History: 

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    Scout 800 Restoration
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    Scout II Restoration
    Scout II Restoration
    Scout II Restoration
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