Factory Basics

  • Scout 80/800 frames have an inside to inside measurement of 29"
  • Scout 80/800 springs are 1-3/4" wide
  • Scout II frames have an inside to inside measurement of 27"
  • Scout II springs are 2" wide


Lifting Methods

  • Spring Lift - This involves new springs that have more arc to them which raises the body/frame higher above the axle. This typically results in a rougher/stiffer ride quality.  The frame and axles will now have a greater distance between them, the parts that go between those two will need attention, such as; brake soft lines, steering components and possibly driveshafts. 
  • Spring Over Axle Conversion - From the factory Scouts have the springs mounted under the axles. With custom fabrication the springs can be mounted on the topside of the axles. This will net you a lift equal to the thickness of the leaf spring pack plus the diameter of the axle tube and spring perch. This is usually around 6" of lift. This type of lift also changes the distance between the body/frame to the axle.  Meaning you will need to address brake soft lines, steering components and possibly extended driveshafts.  This lift allows the retention of stock rate springs, which means a softer ride than lift springs, but does require a lot of fabrication for the average owner. 
  • Shackles -  A simple way to get small amounts of lift. For those who don't know, shackles hold the dynamic end of the leaf spring and allow them to compress and extend.  Stock shackles are 3" bolt to bolt. The basic math says that every inch increase of shackle results in 1/2" of lift. We do not recommend using shackles longer that 5" bolt to bolt. Too long of shackle can create instability and is very unsafe. 
  • Body Lift - These are spacers that mount on the bushings between the frame and the body.  This is also a simple lift but effects all the parts that crossover between the body and frame. This may include; steering shaft, brake hard lines, brake soft lines (80/800), fuel lines, wiring and radiator/fan shroud mounting.  We do not recommend using body spaces longer than 1" in height. 


Other Modifications

  • Reverse Shackle -