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These torque specs were taken from Internationals Service Manual for a late model Scout II. This is meant to be a general guideline. Actual values may vary depending on specific models, please double check values for your specific application. 


General -

Lug Nuts 90-110 ft*lbs
Body Bolts 35-50 ft*lbs
Brake Hose Banjo Bolt 24-27 ft*lbs
Driveshaft U-Bolts (5/16-24 thread) 14-17 ft*lbs
Spark Plugs 28-30 ft*lbs

Steering -

Manual Steering Box to Frame 1/2 NC 45-50 ft*lbs
Manual Steering Box to Bracket 1/2 NC 60-80 ft*lbs
Manual Steering Box to Frame 7/16 NC 35-40 ft*lbs
Power Steering Box to Frame 60-70 ft*lbs
Pitman Arm to Steering Box Nut 160-210 ft*lbs
Hose Connections 20-30 ft*lbs
Tie-Rod Clamp Bolts 10-14 ft*lbs

Springs -

Shock Absorber Mounting Bolt Nuts 45-50 ft*lbs
Spring U-Bolt Nuts (stock) 65-80 ft*lbs
Spring Shackle and Mounting Bracket Bolt Nuts 75-85 ft*lbs (tighten with body weight on springs)

Front Axle -

Lower Ball Joint Nut 80 ft*lbs
Upper Ball Joint Threaded Sleeve 50 ft*lbs
Upper Ball Joint Nut 100 ft*lbs + line up with cotter pin slot.
Wheel Bearing Adjusting Nut 30 ft*lbs then back off 1/4 turn
Wheel Bearing Jam Nut 125-150 ft*lbs
Hub Assembly Mounting Bolts 32-40 ft*lbs
Front Diff Pinion Yoke Nut 200-220 ft*lbs
Front Diff Ring Gear Bolts 45-50 ft*lbs
Front Diff Bearing Cap Bolts 35-50 ft*lbs
Front Diff Cover Plate 15-25 ft*lbs

Rear Axle -

Rear Diff Pinion Yoke Nut 175-225 ft*lbs
Rear Diff Ring Gear Bolts 45-65 ft*lbs
Rear Diff Bearing Cap Bolts 70-90 ft*lbs
Rear Diff Cover Plate 15-25 ft*lbs
Rear Axle Shaft Flange Nuts 15 ft*lbs

Engine -

Below values based on threads lubricated with engine oil.

5/16-18 and 5/16-24 Bolts -

All locations except as listed 14-16 ft*lbs
Oil Pump Mounting 25-30 ft*lbs

3/8-16 and 3/8-24 Bolts -

All locations except as listed 25-30 ft*lbs
Water Pump Mounting 40-45 ft*lbs
Clamp, Water Pipe to Cylinder Head 10-15 ft*lbs
Compressor Bracket to Cylinder Head 40-45 ft*lbs
Oil Filter Base to Crankcase 27-32 ft*lbs
Connecting Rod Bolts (V-304, V-304A, V-345) 45-55 ft*lbs
Connecting Rod Bolts (V-392) 40-45 ft*lbs
Flywheel to Crankshaft 45-55 ft*lbs

7/16-14 and 7/16-20 Bolts -

All locations except as listed 35-40 ft*lbs
Camshaft Gear to Camshaft 55-65 ft*lbs

1/2-13 Bolts -

Cylinder Head Bolts 90-110 ft*lbs
Main Bearing Cap Bolts 75-85 ft*lbs
Engine Mounting Bracket 70-80 ft*lbs
Stabilizer Bracket to Engine (where used) 70-80 ft*lbs
Bell Housing Bolts to Engine (4 cyl. and V8) 105 ft*lbs

If you have recommendations or corrections on information listed. Let us know!