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ARB Diff Cover - Dana 60

Super heavy duty ARB differential guard. Super strong and red! - Computer optimized cross brace design increases the structural rigidity of the whole axle - Additional housing strength helps keep the ring & pinion gears meshing on the flat faces of the teeth, greatly increasing ring & pinion life and overall maximum load strength - Top quality, high power neodymium magnets are used in both the drain plug and the dipstick to collect metallic wear particles as the vehicle moves - Magnet location in the end of the dipstick allows the oil to be checked for tell-tale signs of internal damage - Prolonged carrier bearing life due to extra support to the bearing alignment - Approach/departure angle optimized by angled exterior surfaces - Unique dipstick/filler cap design allows differential oil level to be adjusted for customized high driveline angles

Includes: 1x Diff cover with all mounting hardware

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