Fox's 1962 Scout 80

Fox's 1962 Scout 80

1962 Scout 80

Somebody before us shoehorned this Chevrolet orange IH 345 into this Scout 80 and then painted the front of the aluminum radiator black. Not the best for air flow and cooling. 

Scout 80 original engine

To fit the engine they hacked up and created this bulbous firewall crater. It was a nice little cave that made the accelerator pedal almost impossible to operate. 

scout 80 firewall hack

The previous owner apparently claimed this engine was rebuilt, but it ran like garbage.  And as we pulled it out it looked a little more like they slopped a fresh coat of paint and new carb on it and called it rebuilt. 

Scout 80 motor swap

Scout 80 engine swap

We installed a 4.3l GM Vortec engine mated to a NV3500 5 speed manual transmission and NP241c transfer case. Custom Tom Woods drive shafts front and rear. 

Scout 80 engine conversion

Rebuilt the front knuckles as well as upgraded to disc brakes in the front with our bolt on conversion kit

Scout 80/800 Disc Brake Conversion

Scout 80 interior

Original Scout 80