Wheels and Tires

Scout II

Factory Options and Specifications

  • Rims 

    • Steelie (hubcaps) - 15” diameter x 6” width x 3.75” Backspacing
    • Chrome Rallye - 15” diameter x 7” width x 3.75” Backspacing
    • White Wagon Rallye - 15” diameter x 8” width x 3.75” Backspacing
  • Tires

    • There were many small variations and load rating but for the most part the options were as follows
      • 235/75R15  (29x9.25R15)
      • 225/75R15  (28.3x9R15)


Aftermarket Basics to Know

  • Rims

    • Minimum of 15” Rim
      • maybe larger depending on interference of rim design and type of brakes, especially aftermarket brake conversions)
    • 5 x 5.5" Bolt Pattern
    • Minimum 4.20” Center Bore Diameter (for front locking hubs)
  • Tires

    • Many large tires can "fit" with various lifts, but this does not mean they are usable. It really comes down to style and how you plan to use the truck. For instance if you plan to use your truck offroad you may actaully want a smaller tire that allows for more articulation without jamming into the body. 
    • Bump stops! 
      • Their single job is to stop the tires and axles from hitting the frame and body. These limit up travel of the suspension. 
      • A big tire can look cool stuffed under the truck but the moment you enter a driveway at an angle they are going to rub on the body.
      • Even with a bunch of lift, if you increase tire size there is still a chance for body contact under articulation if you do not increase your bump stop length. 
  • Wheel Spacers

    • Rims that you want don’t fit? Wheel spacers are not as awful as they say, within reason! We really never run or recommend anything more than a 1.25” spacer. But this can be enough to; get the offset and look your wanting, add a little extra turning angle with large tires, utilize an adapter for bolt pattern changes, or even give enough space to run a slightly narrower center bore diameter.


Anything Scout Choices

  • Rims

Our preference is a flush mount with the outside of the body or fender flare. So the amount of backspacing chosen depends on the total width of the rim.

    • Scout II without fender flares
      • 15” diameter x 8” width x 3.75” Backspacing
    • Scout II with fender flares
      • 15” diameter x 8” width x 2.50” Backspacing
      • 17” diameter x 8.5”-9” width x 4.75”-5” Backspacing (requires 1.25” wheel spacer)
  • Tires

Our preferred tire sizes for various lifts. These will all require the bump stops to have extension blocks mounted, otherwise the tires will hit the fenders under articulation. 
    • No Lift - Stock Springs and shackles
      • Max tire Diameter = 31”
    • 3" Total Lift - 2.5” Lift Springs with 4” Shackles
      • Max Tire Diameter = 32”
    • 4" Total Lift - 2.5” Lift Springs with 4” Shackles and 1" body lift
      • Max tire Diameter = 33”
    • 6” Total Lift - Spring over axle on stock springs with 4” shackles
      • Max Tire Diameter = 35"


Wheel Backspacing Scout