Fuel Tank Leaks

Leaky Fuel System

The fuel system components in these trucks are getting old and may need to be repaired or replaced due to cracked plastic, metal or rubber seals and hoses. 

When first chasing down problems, try to identify the exact circumstance that it happens. For fuel leaks, maybe it only happens while your filling up at the pump, maybe it only happens when the tank is above half full, or maybe it happens all the time.  This can help you pinpoint which parts might be failing and what to address first. 

Here are the main culprits to a leaky fuel system. 


  • Bad Seals / Hoses -  Check the following for wear or poor installation. 
    • sending unit to tank seal
    • vent hoses 
    • hose clamps
    • vapor canister
    • vapor canister hoses
    • filler neck hose
    • fuel lines to the fuel pump or charcoal canister in the engine bay (if applicable)
  • Cracked Filler Neck -  If fuel is collecting and dripping from the very bottom of your filler neck, before the filler neck hose, it is likely you have a crack or hole in you metal or plastic filler neck. This is more common in the plastic ones.
  • Cracked or Rusted Fuel Tank -  This is less common than other leaks but these trucks are getting old and have often had hard lives. 



Fuel Station Pump Keeps Kicking Off

  • Venting -  Vents are need to let air in and out as you add/subtract fuel and also as the temperature changes fuel expands and contracts.  If your fuel tank does not have adequate venting it will leak or have trouble running. No matter how new and sealed your system is, it needs venting. 
  • Fast Fuel Station Pump -  When pumping gas you may have to pump it on the slowest level or click of the pump nozzle. You also may change the angle of how you hold the nozzle in the filler neck. Sometimes if its at a certain angle the fuel can get really turbulent and kick off the pump. So experiment with the position. Its also possible you have a restriction or obstruction in your filler neck.
  • How to Vent a Tank -  You can find stock routing in the service manual for your particular model Scout. In general run lots of lines together from the tank and have them vent at an elevation higher than the tank. 




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