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4L60 Transmission Pin Diagram:

Pins A & B:
NOT used.

Pin C connects to: 
Computer Harness Ignition (Pink wire)

Pin D & G connect to:
Computer Harness Ground Wire

Pin F connects to:
Scout Reverse Lights Output (Brown wire)

Pin E connects to:
Scout Neutral Safety Wire (The middle wire on the Scout transmission harness plug)


Brake Light Switch Diagram:


3rd Gen (20032006) LS Engine Fuel Injector Styles: 

Speedometer Cable Converter Diagram:

  1. Connect the WHITE wire to the signal wire.
  2. Connect the BLACK wire to the battery ground. 
  3. Connect the RED wire (through a 5 AMP fuse) to the engine side of the ignition switch (+12v 'hot' when the key is 'on'). 

Please Note: This page of LS engine wiring information will continue to develop. So please be sure to check back for updates.