LS & Drivability Conversions

We work hard to preserve the vintage vibe and aesthetic of these old trucks while making them work in our modern context. In order to do so, one of the most beneficial changes to reliability, performance and fuel economy is a LS drivetrain conversion.

Having several dedicated technicians, with years of experience specifically converting Scouts, work on our LS drivetrain conversions, has allowed us to perfect this conversion process and continue to increase efficiency and quality on these cherished vehicles.

Project Rates* & Summary:

Scout II: Complete drivetrain and "driveability" improvements. Starting at $28,500**

Scout 800: Factory V8 engine and "driveability" improvements, including: power steering, power brakes and rewire. Starting at $31,000**

Scout 80/800: Factory 4 cylinder and "driveability" improvements, including: power steering, power brakes, rewire and engine bay customization in order to update the radiator bulkhead for a proper fit. Starting at $32,500** 

*Based on a vehicle provided by the customer
**Project rates start at this price and can increase depending on options included by the customer

LS Swap & Drivability Conversion Projects include:

  • Drivetrain Conversion: 

Engine: 5.3l LS, 3rd gen, pre-owned, low mileage
Includes: Refreshed gaskets, tune-up and water pump

    Transmission: 4L65 4-speed automatic
    Scout 80/800: Lokar shifter, Upgraded indicator (PRND321)
    Scout II: Integrated factory automatic shifter 

      Transfercase: Refreshed NP241c transfer case
      Scout 80/800/II: Integrated transfer case shifter 

        Driveshafts: New Tom Woods driveshafts

        Wiring: New engine wiring harness and computer

        Cooling: New aluminum LS designed radiator and hoses

        Heat: New heater hoses and control valve

        Fuel: New fuel lines, pump and filters

        Gauges: Integrated factory gauges and sensors with diagnostics port (OBDII).

        • Brake components
        • Steering components
        • Suspension components
        • New full electrical body wiring harness with optional upgrades

        Optional Drivetrain Upgrades:

        • 2012 – 2015 Gen IV LS engine
        • New GM crate engine (5.3l – 6.2l)
        • Rebuilt Transmission: 4 speed, 6 speed auto (6L80), 5 speed manual

        Additional Upgrades:

        • Basic interior work
        • Roll bar with 3 point seat belts
        • Roof rack
        • Workman bumpers
        • Extended range fuel tank
        • Basic sheet metal repairs

        Estimated Project Timeline & Reservations: 

        Project Timeline: Typically our LS Swap & Drivability conversions take 45 – 60 days for project completion, with some additional time for test miles. Every truck is unique and therefore takes time and care to put it through it's paces (between 200 – 300 miles) to ensure safety and quality before they are considered done.

        Project Reservations: We have a limited number of LS Swap & Drivability Conversion project reservations every year. To reserve a spot for yourself, please contact us to set up a time to send us your truck and/or place a non-refundable deposit.


        All LS Swap & Drivability Conversion Projects include a 6 month warranty on parts and labor. Any warranty work must first be approved by Anything Scout and cannot not exceed the cost of original parts and labor. 

        Project Disclaimer & Policy

        We do not build partial projects. We only build projects that we can guarantee quality in. For this reason, we also do not offer paint or body work on this level of build. However, through New Legend 4x4 the Runner, Retro and Legend series builds include a complete frame-off rebuild & restoration.