Torque Specs

These torque specs were taken from International Harvester's Service Manual for a late model Scout II. This is meant to be a general guideline. Actual values may vary depending on specific models, please double check values for your specific application.


Lug Nuts 90–110 ft⋅lbs
Body Bolts 3550 ftlbs
Brake Hose Banjo Bolt 2427 ftlbs
Driveshaft U-Bolts (5/16", 24 thread) 1417 ftlbs
Spark Plugs 2830 ftlbs



Manual Steering Box to Frame 1/2" NC 4550 ftlbs
Manual Steering Box to Bracket 1/2" NC 6080 ftlbs
Manual Steering Box to Frame 7/16" NC 3540 ftlbs
Power Steering Box to Frame 6070 ftlbs
Pitman Arm to Steering Box Nut 160210 ftlbs
Hose Connections 2030 ftlbs
Tie-Rod Clamp Bolts

1014 ft⋅lbs

Steering Wheel to Steering Column Nut

35-45 ft⋅lbs



Shock Absorber Mounting Bolt Nuts 4550 ftlbs
Spring U-Bolt Nuts (stock) 65–80 ft⋅lbs

Spring Shackle and Mounting Bracket Bolt Nuts  tighten with body weight on springs

75–85 ft⋅lbs


Front Axle:

Lower Ball Joint Nut 80 ftlbs
Upper Ball Joint Threaded Sleeve 50 ft⋅lbs
Upper Ball Joint Nut – line up with cotter pin slot 100 ft⋅lbs
Wheel Bearing Adjusting Nut – tighten, then back off 1/4 turn 30 ft⋅lbs
Wheel Bearing Jam Nut 125–150 ft⋅lbs
Hub Assembly Mounting Bolts 32–40 ft⋅lbs
Front Differential Pinion Yoke Nut 200–220 ft⋅lbs
Front Differential Ring Gear Bolts 5–50 ft⋅lbs
Front Differential Bearing Cap Bolts 35–50 ft⋅lbs
Front Differential Cover Plate 15–25 ft⋅lbs


Rear Axle:

Rear Differential Pinion Yoke Nut 175225 ftlbs
Rear Differential Ring Gear Bolts 4565 ftlbs
Rear Differential Bearing Cap Bolts 7090 ftlbs
Rear Differential Cover Plate 1525 ftlbs
Rear Axle Shaft Flange Nuts 15 ftlbs 



Support Key Retaining Screw 12-18 ftlbs
Brake Hose Inlet Screw 24-27 ftlbs


Front Axle Brake Group Mounting Bolts with Conical Type Nuts:

1/2" Bolts 100-120 ftlbs
5/8" Bolts 220-240 ftlbs


Front and Rear Axle Brake Group Mounting Bolts with Regular Nuts:

7/16" Bolts 55-60 ftlbs
1/2" Bolts 85-95 ftlbs
9/16" Bolts 115-125 ftlbs
5/8" Bolts 160-175 ftlbs
3/4" Bolts 275-300 ftlbs


*Tighten the brake group mounting bolts from the nut side.



*Below values based on threads lubricated with engine oil.

5/16-16 and 5/16-24 Bolts:

All locations except as listed 1416 ftlbs
Oil Pump Mounting 2530 ftlbs


3/8-16 and 3/8-24 Bolts:

All locations except as listed 2530 ftlbs
Water Pump Mounting 4045 ftlbs
Clamp, Water Pipe to Cylinder Head 1015 ftlbs
Compressor Bracket to Cylinder Head 4045 ftlbs
Oil Filter Base to Crankcase 2732 ftlbs
Connecting Rod Bolts (V-304, V-304A, V-345) 4045 ftlbs
Connecting Rod Bolts (V-392) 4045 ftlbs
Flywheel to Crankshaft 4555 ftlbs


7/16-14 and 7/16-20 Bolts:

All locations except as listed 3540 ftlbs
Camshaft Gear to Camshaft 5565 ftlbs


1/2-13 Bolts:

Cylinder Head Bolts 90110 ftlbs
Main Bearing Cap Bolts 75–85 ft⋅lbs
Engine Mounting Bracket 70–80 ft⋅lbs
Stabilizer Bracket to Engine (where used) 70–80 ft⋅lbs
Bell Housing Bolts to Engine (4 cyl. and V8) 105 ft⋅lbs


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