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LS - Stainless Steel Headers

Whistle go WHOOP WHOOP.  We have tried and tossed many different types of headers to find something that fits the LS engines, clears the scouts narrow frame and close firewall. These are the only ones we have found that have quality construction and fit the task.

Fits Scout II perfectly. For an 800 you may have to do minor cutting and fabrication to the nearest corner on the drivers side firewall.

These are not smog legal in some states. Check local rules before purchasing. 


  • 2x stainless steel headers and collectors
  • 2x block gaskets w/bolt kit
  • 2x upgraded aluminum collector gaskets w/bolt kit
  • 1x instruction sheet


Install tip: torque header bolts to 18 lb*ft. After driving and getting headers up to operating temp, re-torque to 18 lb*ft. 



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