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Pertronix Ignition - Scout II ('71-'75, V8)

NEW completely contained high energy ignition module. Completely replaces points and converts to electronic ignition. Simple installation no distributor removal necessary. Greatly improves starting and running of engine. It is also a neat touch that you can easily convert back to points in emergency situations. You can use this module with your stock coil or upgrade to the pertronix flame thrower.

PERFORMANCE: Fast starts, every time. Operates within 1/4degree timing acucuracy, at peak efficiency through entire RPM range

DEPENDABILITY: Precision engineered to switch twice the the energy of any other system. Includes 30 month Factory Warranty.

PROTECTION: Reduces battery drain and is magetically triggered to eliminate breakdowns. Unaffected by dirt , dust, oil, or moisture.

ECONOMY: Improves fuel mileage, extends spark plus life, eliminates minor tuneups.

CONVENIENCE: No "black boxes" to clutter engine compartment. No complicated wiring. Entire system fits distributor; out of sight!

EASY INSTALLATION: One-piece installation in minutes. No holes to drill, no wires to cut, no extras to buy. Only 2 wires to connect.

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