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Pertronix Ignition - Scout II ('78-'81, Prestolite dist.)

New Ignition module for your Prestolite electronic distributor. Replaces the expensive and hard to find stock module. This product requires distributor removal to install. Hotter spark than stock. *** YOU MUST NOT USE YOUR STOCK COIL*** IT WILL WORK FOR A WHILE BUT WILL EVENTUALLY BURN OUT THE MODULE** You must use a "points style" coil.

PERFORMANCE: Fast starts, every time. Operates within 1/4degree timing acucuracy, at peak efficiency through entire RPM range.

DEPENDABILITY: Precision engineered to switch twice the the energy of any other system. Includes 30 month Factory Warranty.

PROTECTION: Reduces battery drain and is magetically triggered to eliminate breakdowns. Unaffected by dirt , dust, oil, or moisture.

ECONOMY: Improves fuel mileage, extends spark plus life, eliminates minor tuneups.

CONVENIENCE: No "black boxes" to clutter engine compartment. No complicated wiring. Entire system fits distributor; out of sight!

EASY INSTALLATION: One-piece installation in minutes. No holes to drill, no wires to cut, no extras to buy. Only 2 wires to connect.

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