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Engine Gasket Set - Top End

Good for 266, 304, 345, and 392 IH engines

Each head gasket in this series receives an epoxy titanium dioxide encapsulation followed by a specially formulated high strength silicone rubber coating (patent pending). These enhancements provide the following advantages; non-stick formula releases clean and eases disassembly, excellent initial conform-ability provides instant seal, abrasion resistance prevents the coating from scuffing off, accommodates head-to-block motion making them ideal for iron, aluminum or bi-metal engines. More forgiving in less than perfect application conditions.


  • 1x crankcase vent tube
  • 2x valve cover
  • 1x push rod cover
  • 2x intake manifold
  • 2x water outlet
  • 16x valve stem seal
  • 2x exhaust manifold
  • 1x push rod cover
  • 2x head gasket
  • 2x intake manifold
  • 1x fuel pump
  • 4x o-ring seal

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