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Engine Gasket Set - Complete

Complete IH V-8 gasket kit. Premium materials. Includes EVERY gasket and seal on the engine.


  • 4x oil pump mounting
  • 1x oil pan drain plug
  • 3x o-rings
  • 1x timing cover set
  • 1x oil pan drain
  • 2x exhaust manifold
  • 1x valley pan or push rod cover
  • 2x head gaskets
  • 2x intake gaskets (304 and 345,392)
  • 4x water tube o-rings
  • 1x rear main seal
  • 1x camshaft rear cover
  • 1x oil filter housing
  • 1x camshaft bearing cover
  • 3x fuel pump
  • 1x oil Pan
  • 2x valve cover
  • 12x cyl head stud washers
  • 16x valve stem seals
  • 2x rear main bearing seals
  • 1x waterpump housing to block
  • 2x water outlets
  • 1x distributor
  • 1x front main seal
  • 40+ hours of fun!

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